Here’s my latest insert on the gradual takeover of the infrastructure by foreign companies, Veolia in Particular, as it was published for the Baltimore Brew, a wonderful local online paper featuring a lot of Baltimore’s own journalists.

Photo By Michelle Giegnow

And just to show that I write about more than French Environmental conglomerates, a piece for City Paper entitled Creative Proof (I don’t know exactly what the title is about) on the documentary producer Steven Fischer, who gave me a chance to sit in on an interview with McCoy Tyner.

And earlier, I think, a piece on the three day Russian playwrights festival at Towson University. I still stand behind the central thesis. Americans like Russians because they’re crazier than we are. And whenever Russians use American cultural artifacts to prove that we’re the crazy ones, we take that as a compliment. Those were the parameters of our old relationship, and, as this Tarentino Tribute, Martial Arts, indicates, we can revive it. Is that what we call reset? Possibly.

In this Salon piece, “My Baby is Too Boring to Blog About”  I learned several things. First, insert the words Baby and Blog in your title, and you’ll get more hits than you ever got before in your entire life. Second, watch what you say! Now, I had actually phrased that title as a question, (“Is My Baby Too Boring To Blog About?”) and was trying to evoke the loving parent who is incapable of recording the miracle of daily life with his new son. It was switched to the declarative.